1. The incisions are covered with waterproof bandages. You can shower the day after surgery and thereafter by keeping these special bandages on. If necessary, you may remove the bandages and apply Band-Aids to the incisions. An ace-wrap is optional.

2.You may walk on the operated leg and bear weight as tolerated. Crutches or a cane (placed in the opposite hand) are most helpful in this regard.

3.Keep ice on the operated knee for three days when resting.

4.Keep the operated leg elevated for five to seven days when resting.

5.Expect your knee to develop swelling, as this is a normal post-operative occurrence.

6.Use the prescribed medication as needed for the discomfort.

7.Start gentle exercises on the first post-operative day and increase the exercises with each passing day. Exercising will help decrease the post-operative swelling and re-educate your muscles to function normally. The exercises consist of:

a.Straight leg raising

b.Flexing the knee to tolerance—it is normal to feel a pulling sensation in the front of your knee while bending the knee.

c.Emphasize full extension of the knee—place a rolled towel or blanket underneath your heel and attempt to fully straighten the knee. Again, it is normal to feel a pulling sensation in the back of the operated knee.

8.Should you have any problems or questions, please contact our office.