1. The incisions are covered with waterproof bandages. You can shower the day after surgery and thereafter by keeping these special bandages on. If necessary, you may remove the bandages and apply Band-Aids to the incisions. An ace-wrap is optional.
  2. You need to restrict your movement of the operated leg to within the confines of the brace. You must wear the brace at all times, except when taking a shower. Take special care while taking a shower to restrict your movements.
  3. You may toe-tough weight-bear for balance only for the first four weeks after your surgery. Please use your crutches at all times to assist you.
  4. The Polar Care device comes with a pad, which will circulate cold water through the pad helping to decrease the amount of swelling around the knee. The pad may be used on a continuous basis and should be used on a twenty-four hour basis for the first three days. Following this time, this may be used on an as needed basis, but patients do report that using this pad does help for the first two weeks. The pad may be wrapped in the ace bandage and used in conjunction with the Continuous Passive Motion machine.
  5. The other machine that you will be using is a Continuous Passive Motion machine (CPM), which is used to increase your range of motion progressively. This also decreases the amount of pain that you will be having post-operatively. The initial settings will be full extension (0 degrees – your knee straight) to 30 degrees of flexion (your knee is bent). This machine will flex your knee passively, which is different from trying to flex it yourself (active motion). The amount of flexion will be adjusted at each post-operative visit.
  6. Keep the operated leg elevated for five to seven days when resting.
  7. Expect your knee to develop swelling, as this is a normal post-operative occurrence.
  8. Use the prescribed medication as needed for the discomfort.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.