1. You must keep the brace on, in a locked, or fully extended position, at all times for the first six weeks after your surgery.
  2. Please use your crutches at all times, as you are not to fully bear weight at any time.
  3. The incisions are covered with waterproof bandages. You can shower the day after surgery and thereafter by keeping these special bandages on. If necessary, you may remove the bandages and apply band-aids to the incisions. An ace-wrap is optional. But remember, keep your leg straight at all times.
  4. Keep ice on the operated knee for the first three days when resting and then as needed thereafter.
  5. Keep the operated leg elevated when resting.
  6. Expect your knee to develop swelling, as this is a normal post-operative occurrence.
  7. Use the prescribed medication as needed for the discomfort.

Should you have any questions or problems, please contact our office.