1. Special waterproof bandages have been applied to your incisions. You may leave these in place until your first visit. Also, you may shower starting the day after surgery with these special bandages.
  2. You have also been fitted with a Polar-Care device, which circulates cold water around your shoulder for pain relief and control of post-operative swelling. You may use this device continuously for the first three to five days and then as needed thereafter. You will need to fill the thermos with ice water as necessary.
  3. You may gently exercise the shoulder on the day after surgery by leaning forward at the waist and letting the arm fall forward towards the ground. The shoulder may be moved in a gentle circular fashion to your tolerance. Keep your arm in the sling at all times, except when exercising.
  4. Following repair of the rotator cuff, the motions, which should not be attempted for four to six weeks, are elevation of the arm to the side of your body and to the front of your body. These motions will be accomplished by your physical therapist in the first four weeks following your surgery.
  5. Use the pain medication as prescribed for the discomfort.

Should you have any problems or questions, please contact our office.